If you’re an accomplished marketing professional that wants more business, sign up below to become part of the Coproductions network. Whether you represent a small firm or just yourself, we’ll confirm your experience and then send project opportunities that match your skills. And if you’re looking for teammates, we can help with that too. (There’s no restriction on firm size, but larger firms will find it hard to compete on price.)


Some services charge you to send you work opportunities. Not here. The clients are the ones with the budgets to get these projects done, not you. So we at Coproductions don’t get paid unless you do.


Signing up for the network doesn’t mean you surrender any control over how you’d like to work or with whom. It just means you’ll find out about projects, and you decide which to pursue.


We’ll tell you the client’s budget, but you bid whatever you see fit. You know what your time is worth to you. If you’re good enough to make it into the network, you’re good enough to charge a fair price.

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