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If you're a talented freelancer that would like more project leads sign up here for the Coproductions network. There's no cost or obligation, just an opportunity to find out about great project leads.

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If you're an accomplished professional that wants to freelance, sign up below to become part of the Coproductions network. Once we receive verification from your references, you'll soon be getting alerts for projects that match your skills, and suggestions for people in your extended network to team up with. 

NO up-front COST

Some freelance placement sites charge freelancers up-front to participate. But we at Coproductions don't think you should pay until you get paid. Or better yet, not at all.

No Obligation

Signing up for the network doesn't mean you surrender any control over how you'd like to work or with whom. It just means you'll find out about projects, and you decide which to pursue.

You Set Your Own Rates

We'll tell you the client's budget, but what you bid for a project is up to you. You know what your time is worth, and clients are still saving over agency rates, so charge what is fair.

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