Do you manage the project?
No, Coproductions does not manage your project. We help you find talented professionals that have all the skills you need and are available when you need them. We manage invoicing and payment to ensure both sides of the transaction are treated fairly, and provide backup workers if someone becomes unavailable.

If you need a project manager, we have dozens within the network, all with pre-existing relationships with talented creative, technical, or strategic teams. Adding someone in this role to your project, especially if your team exceeds three people, can relieve you of the management burden so you can do your job.

How do you charge?
You and your team agree to a price and terms (hourly or project), Coproductions adds 15% to the team’s fees paid by the client, and we handle billing the client and paying the workers.

We encourage teams to break the project down into phases, punctuated by milestones in order to keep the payments small and frequent, ensuring project progress and helping everyone develop trust with low risk.

Hourly and day-rate terms are also possible. Ultimately, we want whatever works best for both client and team.

Does it have to be a team, or can I hire just one freelancer?
Yes, you can hire a solo freelancer on Coproductions. Some projects can be done by just one person. You’ll still have the option of adding additional resources, vetted and connected to your solo freelancer, if needed.

However, we encourage you to define your project goals and deliverables and then let the teams assemble around their suggested method. You might be surprised in the variety of processes and configuration the different teams propose to achieve your objectives, all providing you with more options than you had before.

I’m a potential client. How does the process work?
If you have a project and would like to find great teams to do it, the process is very easy: first, go to the Start Your Project page and tell us a little bit about your project. Or if you prefer, just schedule a conversation.

Then we send your project information, removed of identifying details, to our growing pool of talented professionals with the skills that you need. Those that are interested respond with a bid, sometimes alone and sometimes as a team, including a price and some relevant work samples to demonstrate their capabilities. You’ll be able to review these bids to see who you like and compare prices to your budget. If you pick a team, you’ll then have the opportunity to meet them to discuss additional details and terms of an agreement. And all of this with no cost or obligation.

If you decide to move forward with your selected freelancer or team, Coproductions will handle contracting, invoicing, and payments, meaning you don’t have to worry about multiple vendors and 1099s. And all this for only 15% above what the teams receive. If you need real professionals, there’s no better deal out there.

I just need a cheap freelancer. Can you help?
We’re happy to send any project request out to our network. However, if you want a designer for $20/hour we’re probably not the best resource for you as we focus on more experienced professionals, more than 15 years on average, who command higher fees. But if you’re comparing our costs to full-service agencies, we can provide you with similarly-qualified teams for up to 80% less.