Coproductions was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Goldfuss, a marketing and digital products professional with experience in companies of every size and type, hiring both agencies and freelancers to support his staff. He also spent years working in agencies and, in between, freelancing himself. And he recognized a problem:

Most budgets were too small to hire the established, full-service agencies that undoubtedly had the capacity and skills the project required. But the small agencies and freelance teams that had the skills, availability, and better pricing, were next to impossible to find.

Coproductions was designed to solve this problem. We’re constantly searching for high quality small marketing  and digital services firms, and experienced freelancers, and building on their connections to map an extended network of real-world, trusted professional relationships. In other words, you can only be in the Coproductions network if your former coworkers are willing to put their reputation on the line for you. That exclusivity is what keeps the level of talent and professionalism of our teams very high, with an average of more than 21 years of experience, unlike other digital freelance-finding tools that reward low price above quality. Or agency-finding tools that exclude small shops due to high cost.

When you request a bid from the Coproductions network, our talented professionals assemble a team with just the right combination of skills, at the right price, within your timeline. This quick and easy process can save you months and deliver you a variety of options for solving your marketing challenge at up to 80% less than a big agency doing the same work.

Why not see what these professionals can do for you? There’s no cost or obligation to submit a project to request bids.

Coproductions Network of Professionals

  • More than 21 years experience on average
  • Vetted via verified, real-world, professional relationships
  • A wide variety of skill sets, industry experience, styles, and locations
  • Teams that already know each other and have worked together
  • There’s no cost or obligation to request bids from teams that match your needs such as skills, timing, and budget

Jonathan Goldfuss, Founder