Frequently asked questions about Coproductions and the network of great freelancers available for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage the project?

No, Coproductions does not manage your project. We help you find talented and professional freelancers that have all the skills you need and are available when you need them. We manage invoicing and payment to ensure both sides of the transaction are treated fairly, and provide backup workers if someone becomes unavailable.

We do, however, have dozens of freelance project managers within the network, all with pre-existing relationships with talented creative teams. Adding someone in this role to your project, especially if your team exceeds three people, can relieve you of the management burden so you can do your job.

How do you charge?

Once you and your freelance team have agreed to a price and terms (hourly or project), Coproductions adds 15% to the freelancers' fees paid by the client, and will handle billing the client and paying the freelancers.

We encourage teams to break the project down into phases, punctuated by milestones. Upon contract, we ask the client to pay for the first phase of the project. Upon client acceptance that the first milestone has been met, we deliver payment to the freelancer for that phase, and collect payment from the client for the next phase. For larger projects phase payments can be broken down into sub-phases. The goal of this is to keep the payments smaller and frequent, ensuring project progress and helping everyone develop trust with low risk.

Hourly and day-rate terms are also possible. Ultimately, we want whatever works best for client and freelancers.

Does it have to be a team, or can I hire just one freelancer?

Yes, you can hire a solo freelancer on Coproductions. Some projects can be done by just one person. You'll still have the option of adding additional resources, pre-vetted and connected to your solo freelancer, if needed.

We encourage you to submit the goals and deliverables for your project as a bid request. You might be surprised in the variety of methods the different freelancers and teams propose to achieve your objectives.