Teamwork On Demand

Jonathan Goldfuss headshot 2015 Photo by: Greg Powers

Jonathan Goldfuss, Founder/President (LinkedIn profile)

  • Our freelancers average more than 15 years experience

  • Vetted and built into teams via existing, real-world professional relationships

  • A wide variety of skill sets, industry experience, styles, and locations

  • There's no cost or obligation to request bids from freelancers

Before starting Coproductions, Jonathan managed creative and digital projects for companies of every size and type, hiring both agencies and freelancers to support his staff. He also spent years working at creative agencies and, in between, freelancing himself. And he recognized a problem.

Many creative and digital projects were too complex for a solo freelancer to complete, as they required many varied skills. But the budgets allotted, especially at smaller and medium sized companies, were too small to attract the agency talent the projects deserved. He knew he needed teams to do the work properly, but he could only afford freelancers.

So he hired freelancers and assembled teams as well as he could. But finding great freelancers was very hard. To find them, he did what most of us do: he called the professionals he trusted and asked them for referrals. And that worked... sort of. He found good people, but they were often busy, or traveling, or had some of the skills he needed but not all. In the end, he got the work done, but it was always a struggle to find the right combination of people, with the right skills, at the right time.

Coproductions was designed to solve this problem. We're constantly searching for the all the high quality freelancers and small firms on the market, and finding out from them who the other talented freelancers are, mapping an extended network of real-world professional relationships where each person is willing to publicly vouch for the work product of the other. In other words, you can only be in the Coproductions freelancer network if your former coworkers are willing to put their reputation on the line for you. That very high bar for inclusion is what keeps the level of talent and professionalism of our freelancers and firms very high, with an average of more than 15 years of experience, unlike other digital freelance-finding tools that prioritize lowest price above all else.

When you request a bid from the Coproductions freelancer network, we assist freelancers and boutique firms in assembling the right skills from their extended network of relationships in a way that they don't have the time to do themselves. They're able to bid on bigger and better projects, do more fun work with people they trust, and still deliver for a fraction of what it would cost the client to hire a big agency to do the same work.

Why not see what these professionals can do for you? There's no cost or obligation to submit a project to request bids. 

Services Offered by Our Freelancers & Small Firms

Audience Research, Naming, Logos & Brand Design, Messaging

Brand Development


Websites, Advertising Creative, Photo & Video Production, Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, Murals & Interiors

Creative Services


Campaign Planning, Marketing Analytics, Email, Text, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, Writing, Content Marketing, SEO, Media Relations, Social Media Marketing, Event Planning & Management

Marketing Communications


Digital Product Management, User Experience (UX), Wireframes & Prototyping, User Interface Design (UI), Programming, User Testing, Hosting & Support

Product Development